What is Campus Sexual Misconduct in a Digital Age (CASMIDA)?

CASMIDA is an independent research project that seeks to understand the ways in which digital technologies, such as social media, online platforms, and mobile applications, shape and are shaped by “sexual misconduct” in campus settings in Singapore. Sexual misconduct is defined as any nonconsensual action of a sexual nature, including but not limited to sexual voyeurism, (digital) sexual harassment, and image-based sexual abuse.

As young people are invisibly tethered to digital technologies, we are interested in their implications for all members of the student population, especially survivors, bystanders, and support persons.

Our first pilot study, “Detrimental to Our Well-Being: Digital Technologies and Campus Sexual Misconduct in Singapore,” explores the well-being of students in light of sexual assault and harassment occurring at universities that come about as a result of using digital technologies. Read more about this study here.

Let’s create a safe environment together.

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