Our Team

The CASMIDA research team is multidisciplinary with a diverse range of skills, expertise, and experience working with sexual violence survivors and marginalized individuals in society. Our team is deeply invested in enacting change from within university campuses in Singapore as well as creating a safe environment for our students. As researchers and educators, we hope to improve the well-being and lived experience of individuals affected by campus sexual misconduct.

Michelle H. S. Ho

Principal Investigator

Dr. Michelle Ho is an Assistant Professor of Feminist and Queer Cultural Studies at the Department of Communications and New Media (CNM) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and on the Steering Committee of the Gender and Sexuality Research Cluster (GSRC). Coming from an interdisciplinary background, her work has explored gender and sexuality issues in the context of (East) Asia, including (mis)representations of women in the media and gender-based discrimination of transgender women, with a strong emphasis on feminist methodologies, (digital) ethnography, and critical discourse analysis.

She has nearly a decade of experience teaching feminist, gender, and sexuality issues in higher education, including but not limited to workplace sexual harassment and campus sexual misconduct. 

Shivani Gupta


Dr. Shivani Gupta is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the CNM Department, NUS. She is a feminist anthropologist researching women’s everyday lives in non-metropolitan urban settings. She received her PhD in South Asian Studies from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2019. Her PhD thesis examined and mapped women’s worlds in the religious, sacred and historical city of Banaras, India. The thesis brought about the oppression and subversion that is practised by women to render their everyday worlds possible. Her specialisation has been in the fields of gender and feminist studies, sexuality studies and urban studies. In the past,  she has worked with women and feminist non-profit organisations, in India, where she advocated for gender rights and violence against women

Jungup Lee


Dr. Jungup Lee is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Work, NUS and a social work expert specialized in cyber bullying, violence, safety, and psychological well-being among adolescents and young adults in urban society. Related to this project, she has undertaken 1) online survey research on traditional bullying, cyberbullying and mental health outcomes among Singaporean university students, and 2) evaluation research on an intervention program, “Digital Mindset” for adolescents’ Internet addiction.   

Bimlesh Wadhwa


Dr. Bimlesh Wadhwa is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science, School of Computing, NUS. Her expertise is in human-computer interaction design and software engineering practices. Her work relevant to this project is in: (i) gender in design, (ii) data visualization, and (iii) development and evaluation of smart phone apps for well-being. 

Our Research Assistants

Xinhong FU

Xinhong FU is a master’s student of Public Policy (MPP) at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Her primary research interest lies in gender policy, social security, and poverty alleviation, and social inequality. Her endeavors in this stream of research reflect her deep curiosity and concerns regarding gender discrimination and stereotypes in society. Currently, she is working on two projects that (i) examine the impact of fertility policy and social welfare on women’s career development and (ii) explore the relationship between the poverty alleviation movement and rural women’s empowerment within China’s context. Related to this project, her work is to conduct data analysis generated from the online survey.

Anetta Fong

Anetta Fong is an undergraduate majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Environmental Studies at Yale-NUS College. Her interests lie in issues related to student advocacy, political education, gender and sexuality. Utilizing her experience with social media and publicity, she will be conducting online participant observation of social media platforms and transcribing interviews. While being a strong believer in the power of social media to enact positive change, she acknowledges its potential to harm and wishes to ensure that digital platforms are a safe space for all. She has been volunteering at feminist non-profit organisations and hopes to empower survivors of sexual misconduct through this project.

Joseph Kwee

Joseph Kwee is an undergraduate majoring in Mechanical Engineering (Specialising in Robotics) at the National University of Singapore. His research interest lies in social inequality, digital technology and neural networks. His skillsets for the project are app development, web extraction and data visualisation using Machine Learning statistical tools which could attract diverse audiences and supercharge one’s ability to identify patterns and draw connections with it. He aspires to be part of the initiative in enacting change in campuses where undergraduates would be empowered to take a collective stand against sexual harassment using the resources and applications that the research team has developed. 

Gunit Mittal

Gunit Mittal is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Financial Mathematics at the National University of Singapore. He is deeply interested in the field of artificial intelligence, its use to gather information and build models for the research study. He will majorly be working on building a platform to gather information from surveyors and using models to make sense of the information. He is honored to be given this opportunity to use his skills and assist in taking a stance against sexual harassment through the course of this study.

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