Former Team Members

Research Assistants

Francis Luis M. Torres 

Francis Luis M. Torres is currently pursuing his PhD in Cultural Studies in Asia at the Department of Communications and New Media at the National University of Singapore. He received his MA in Comparative Literature from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. His MA study focused on examining the genealogy of the Philippine gay culture in the country’s first 350 years. Currently, his research interests revolve around the history of Asian gay/queer criticism, gender studies, modernity, digital technology, new media studies, and Philippine culture and history.

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Sharon Y.X.R. Ndoen

Sharon Ndoen is a PhD Candidate in Cultural Studies in Asia at the National University of Singapore. She obtained her BA in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology and MA in Indonesian Studies at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Her interests lie in a broad range of issues related to gender, subcultures, migration, race and identity, popular culture, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. Past projects focused on female genital mutilation (FGM) amongst Somali refugees in Western Europe, acceptance of interracial marriages amongst (second generation) Moluccans in the Netherlands, and identity development and origin determination of Javanese in Suriname (South America) and Javanese Surinamese in the Netherlands spanning from 1890 to the 2000s. Her current project focuses on gender propaganda in Indonesian horror films produced during the Soeharto era (1966-1998). 

Gunit Mittal

Gunit Mittal is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Financial Mathematics at the National University of Singapore. He is deeply interested in the field of artificial intelligence, its use to gather information and build models for the research study. He will majorly be working on building a platform to gather information from surveyors and using models to make sense of the information. He is honored to be given this opportunity to use his skills and assist in taking a stance against sexual harassment through the course of this study.

Joseph Kwee

Joseph Kwee is an undergraduate majoring in Mechanical Engineering (Specialising in Robotics) at the National University of Singapore. His research interest lies in social inequality, digital technology and neural networks. His skillsets for the project are app development, web extraction and data visualisation using Machine Learning statistical tools which could attract diverse audiences and supercharge one’s ability to identify patterns and draw connections with it. He aspires to be part of the initiative in enacting change in campuses where undergraduates would be empowered to take a collective stand against sexual harassment using the resources and applications that the research team has developed. 

Wrik Karmakar

Wrik Karmakar is an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science with a double specialisation in Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. His research interest lies in theoretical algorithms, neural network advancements, and applications of natural language processing. He has acquired his skillset from experiences in application development, speech recognition software designs, and machine learning applications in finance, and is eager to apply himself towards positive social outcomes, especially in the space of promotion of gender equality. He is a strong believer in the intitiative of utilising technological advancements ethically and appropriately to move towards a broader and more equitable societal state – and feels that this is, therefore, a unique opportunity to understand, analyse, and accordingly motivate discourse on sexual harassment towards an ideal locus, by furthering the research conducted by this team.